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Deposit Insurance in Times of Crises: Safe Haven or Regulatory Arbitrage?

  An updated version of this paper has been presented on the 2017 Biennial IADI Research Conference: Designing an Optimal Deposit Insurance System – Theory and Practice, on 1-2 June 2017 at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel. See … Continue reading

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New Research Paper: The Resurgence of Cultural Borders during the Financial Crisis: The Changing Geography of Eurozone Cross-Border Depositing

This paper, jointly written with Stefanie Kleimeier and Sylvia Heuchemer, has just been published by the Journal of Financial Stability 24(2016) and can be dowloaded here (free access until June 23, 2016). The paper investigates the impact of cultural borders … Continue reading

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New Working Paper: Deposit Insurance in Times of Crises: Safe Haven or Regulatory Arbitrage?

In a new working paper, co-authered with Stefanie Stefanie Kleimeier and Shusen Qi, we examine the impact of deposit insurance (DI) schemes on bilateral cross-border deposits. Our results suggest that not only the existence of explicit DI, but also DI design features, which reflect … Continue reading

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The use of overly intrusive conditionality in Greece is threatening the European project

A Greek default may be only a matter of weeks away unless an agreement on the reform programme between Greece and “the institutions” will be reached. But Greece demands to renegotiate the whole programme, while the institutions, fearing a precedent, … Continue reading

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The ‘Juncker plan’ does not offer a genuine path to boosting the Eurozone’s recovery

The €315 billion European investment initiative – the so called ‘Juncker plan’ – was accepted by EU finance ministers on 10 March and is expected to go operational as a new “European Fund for Strategic Investment” (EFSI) by mid-2015. Is … Continue reading

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Quantitative easing: Germans have nothing to lose but their fears!

The European Central Bank is due to decide whether and how to undertake quantitative easing (QE) via large-scale purchases of government debt on secondary markets. For Germany – as the Eurozone’s largest economy and one with a decidedly conservative monetary stance – … Continue reading

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The case for using public investment to boost growth in the Eurozone is overwhelming

One year after the Eurozone’s much hyped ‘recovery’, signalled by some green shoots in the second quarter of 2013, the region’s quarterly economic growth is flat again. Even Germany’s growth prospects have been revised downward, and recent IMF estimates point to an almost 40 … Continue reading

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