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New Policy Paper on Cross-Border Effects of National Deposit Insurance Systems

Deposit insurance systems are a common feature of the financial systems of most countries. Their rationale is twofold: to protect bank depositors in case of a bankruptcy and, even more importantly, to avoid widespread bankruptcies as a consequence of bank … Continue reading

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Debate Café: The Future of Global Trade

On 18 February 2019 I participated in a panel discussion on “The Future of Global Trade“, organized by  SCOPE and Studium General of Maastricht University. It was insightful for me to debate controversial current trade (policy) issues with a panel … Continue reading

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New survey on “Banking Market Competition and Interest Rate Pass-Through”

Banking Competition and Interest Rate Pass-Through (with S. Kleimeier), in: Bikker, J.A. and L. Spierdijk (eds), Handbook of Competition in Banking and Finance, Cheltenham (Edgar Elgar), 2017: 305-322.

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Keynote Lecture on Retail Banking Market Integration and Financial Stability in the Eurozone

In my Jean Monnet keynote lecture on the International Conference on Banking and Finance at the University of Warsaw on 10 July 2017, entitled “Whatever it takes: Retail Banking Market Integration and Financial Stability in the Eurozone”, I have highlighted … Continue reading

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Deposit Insurance in Times of Crises: Safe Haven or Regulatory Arbitrage?

  An updated version of this paper has been presented on the 2017 Biennial IADI Research Conference: Designing an Optimal Deposit Insurance System – Theory and Practice, on 1-2 June 2017 at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel. See … Continue reading

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Will a president Macron be able to reform the eurozone?

European financial markets are already betting on the victory of centrist French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron in the country’s May 7 second-round election. Are investors right to believe that the eurozone – the monetary union of countries that have incorporated … Continue reading

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Finally, some good economic news from the Eurozone – but will it last?

Finally, good news from the Eurozone. Unemployment rates fell to 9.5% in February 2017. According to Eurostat, this is the lowest rate since May 2009. The 19 countries that have adopted the common currency are thus returning back to the unemployment level … Continue reading

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